Will there be a connection between in the closet and being homophobic?

Will there be a connection between in the closet and being homophobic?


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The tragic size shooting within gay club Pulse in Orlando provides stimulated revived interest in the sources of homophobia.

While the exact objectives on the player, Omar Mateen, remain not clear, a portrait keeps appeared of somebody conflicted about their faith and sexuality – men who was hitched double but exactly who lots of stated in addition frequented gay bars, whom became mad when he watched two boys kissing but who’d apparently subscribed to gay relationship apps.

However, Mateen’s faith – Islam – generally forbids homosexuality. Ahead of the shooting, Mateen’s pops had additionally openly denounced homosexuality, uploading a video on fb wherein the guy announced that “God themselves will discipline those tangled up in homosexuality.”

Some bring pondered (like contained in this Quora discussion) if those who are homophobic could possibly getting closeted themselves. Has actually studies actually determined a relationship between repressing same-sex sites and expressing homophobia? And just what points may affect these ideas?

Conflicting identities

Frequently caused by social or religious pressures, some get a hold of homosexuality unacceptable. Leer mas